Lemon Demands: 'Stop Beating Up' Biden, 'We Don't Know' If People Were Left Behind

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 1, 2021
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The liberal media’s fever may have finally broken after spending the last two weeks or so heavily criticizing President Biden’s unmitigated disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan. On Wednesday’s edition of his show, CNN’s Don Lemon spent most of the hand-off from Cuomo Prime Time demanding people be “level-headed” and “stop beating up on” the President. He even went so far as to claim that “we didn’t know if we left them behind yet.”

I think that, you know, we should be a little bit more level-headed about this. We got out of a war. Many people didn't agree with the way that it ended. Okay. So how do we move forward from here,” he said.

Lemon then started parroting the administration’s talking points that the crisis was actually a massive success and blamed those still stuck there for being in the predicament, despite Biden telling them the country would never collapse.


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