Lemon Begs His Mom to Believe Science and Go Outside WITHOUT a Mask

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 11, 2021
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On Monday, sanity apparently struck again on CNN Tonight as host Don Lemon spent most of the handoff with Prime Time host Chris Cuomo lecturing the audience and begging his mother to believe the science, trust the vaccine, and go outside without a mask on. And his frustration was palpable as he proclaimed: “It defies reality. It defies logic.”

The handoff banter started off with some chit-chat about Mother’s Day and Lemon being “jealous” of Cuomo because he got to spend it with his mom. “Yeah, but she won’t get on a plane and she can wear a mask,” he explained. “I said, ‘Mom, I’ll send a car for you or one of those sprinters.”

Lemon also noted that his mom was afraid to go to the dentist to fix a chipped took because of the pandemic. “And I say, ‘Mom, you can go to the dentist, it’s safe.’ Sanjay is going to do a house call on her because this is real, people are having trouble re-emerging into society,” he noted.

From there, Lemon went on to lecture his mom and the audience about how the “believe the science” mantra needed to be applied to post-pandemic life. “If you are going to say I believe in the science and the scientists, then now on this side of the pandemic, then you must believe in the science and scientists as well,” he said.


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