Justice Gorsuch Dismantles CNN’s Fear of ‘Hard Right Turn’ for SCOTUS

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 10, 2019
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As part of his media blitz to promote his new book before the start of the next Supreme Court term, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch sat down with CNN’s Ariane de Vogue. In the portion of the interview that was shown during Tuesday’s New Day, de Vogue pressed Gorsuch on the fears CNN and the rest of the left had about the country supposedly taking a “hard right turn” due to the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Following an introduction where co-host John Berman falsely stated the interview was “the first time, really, we're hearing from Justice Neil Gorsuch” (Gorsuch had done an interview with Fox News which aired that past Sunday), de Vogue hyped the upcoming SCOTUS term and touted her questioning:

And I asked him about the fact-- I said, “Look, many people are thrilled that you're on the bench, but there are a lot of people who are concerned. They're seeing now a solid five-member conservative majority, and they're worried about the direction of the court.” And John, he chafed a little bit about my characterization.

So, do the people who say this court is going to move, they're going to overturn precedent, and now there are five solid members, we could see a hard right turn,” she said to Gorsuch with concern in her voice.