Joy Behar CONFRONTS Sunny Hostin for Defending Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitism

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 3, 2023
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With co-host Whoopi Goldberg taking Friday off as usual, most of The View cast seemed to feel empowered to confront racist Sunny Hostin after she tried to defend the antisemitism Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been spewing for years, which she was punished on Thursday for when she was stripped of her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Hostin was caught off guard, scrambling to takes swipes as co-host Joy Behar led Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin in the pile-on.

After some obligatory bashing of Republicans with cries of “hypocrisy” and “racism,” Behar put the spotlight on Omar, saying she didn’t buy Omar’s assertion that she didn’t know she was using anti-Semitic tropes when talking about Jews and Israel. “Believe me I understand that. Because the right-wing is very hypocritical. But she said that she did not know that what she said that was construed as anti-Semitic … I don't believe her,” she declared.

Hostin quickly stepped in to defend Omar by arguing that she didn’t know about anti-Semitic tropes because she’s an immigrant and supposedly only America was anti-Semitic. Behar immediately stepped in to call out Hostin’s nonsense.


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