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Joe Scarborough Assails Mika for Not Wanting to Talk About Detained Sailors


<p>Joe Scarborough on Thursday&rsquo;s Morning Joe, attempted to express outrage over Iran&rsquo;s hostage video and the Obama administration&rsquo;s handling of it. But co-host Mika Brzezinski didn&rsquo;t want to listen, sarcastically suggesting Scarborough &ldquo;go on for about 20 minutes with outrage.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Scarborough questioned how anyone could be happy and grateful when the circumstance was so dire. &ldquo;Have we gotten to a point where our expectations as Americans are so low, that we are grateful to enemies putting guns to American solder&rsquo;s and sailor&rsquo;s heads and&mdash;and making them put their hands over their heads and produce hostage videos? And we&rsquo;re grateful because it got resolved within a day?&rdquo;</p>

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