IRS Finally Lists Tea Party Groups It Targeted


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<p>On Monday morning FNC&rsquo;s Melissa Francis and Doug McKelway covered the IRS&rsquo;s release of their list of targeted groups. The following exchange is from the June 6 edition of FNC&rsquo;s <em>Happening Now</em>:</p>

<p>MELISSA FRANCIS: New information on the story we&rsquo;ve been following from the very beginning. The IRS finally coming clean on the list of Tea Party groups it targeted for extra scrutiny. This coming more than the years after the scandal first broke and only after federal judges became fed up with the agency dragging its feet. Doug McKelway is live in Washington with more on this story. Doug?</p>

<p>DOUG MCKELWAY: Hi Melissa. A federal appeals court has succeeded in doing what congressional Republicans have long tried to do, to force the IRS to produce a list of the groups that were unfairly and perhaps illegally targeted for scrutiny. The document production came in response to a class-action lawsuit by NorCal Tea Party patriots but only after a group of frustrated federal judges lost all patience with the stonewalling of the IRS and the Justice Department lawyers representing it. In a March 22 opinion from the sixth circuit of appeals, Judge Raymond Kethledge wrote this. &ldquo;At every turn the IRS has resisted the plaintiffs request</p>

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