‘Inspiring America?’ NBC Bashes Americans as Uncaring on #GivingTuesday


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Giving Tuesday was the day Americans across the country really show their stripes; giving to charities, volunteering, and helping people in need. But as ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were showcasing Americans at their best, NBC Nightly News used their so-called “Inspiring America” segment to knock them down, with correspondent Harry Smith smearing all of them as uncaring and distant during the pandemic.

After a brief lead-in that featured anchor Lester Holt noting that “this year Giving Tuesday has taken on an urgent new dimension,” Smith immediately started kicking the country. “Nine months into the COVID epidemic and our empathy reservoir feels nearly depleted. Today, was kind of a gut check,” he said.

Never talking about what people were doing for charities and their fellow citizens, Smith launched into accusations suggesting Americans weren’t doing much.

“Non-profits and charities of all kinds asking for help. Their needs never greater. Their resources spent. Many of us have pulled ourselves into a kind of COVID cocoon, keeping our distance both physically and emotionally,” he chided.


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