‘Inmates Are Running the Asylum’: Chris Wallace Unloads on NYT, Media


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Brought on to discuss “the emerging crisis in journalism and constant clashes over dissenting views at major news organizations,” during Sunday’s MediaBuzz on Fox News Channel, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace unloaded on The New York Times for their fiasco regarding Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) recent op-ed, as well as the media writ-large for acting as anti-Trump advocates instead of professional journalists.

Teeing up his guest to comment on The Times, anchor Howard Kurtz wondered: “Is journalism becoming more intolerant?”

“You know, it feels like the inmates are running the asylum,” Wallace said. “You know, I've been critical sometimes of The Times and I think that their liberal tendency tends to bleed out onto their news coverage; some people have accused Fox of the same thing in terms of our tendencies. But I thought what happened in the last week at The Times was just extraordinary.”

After giving a rundown of what happened inside The Times, how editors defended publishing the op-ed before capitulating to newsroom outrage, Wallace described it as “a profile in a lack of courage.”


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