Ingraham Exposes Media Hypocrisy on Calling Into Question Candidates' Mental Health

Ryan Foley | June 12, 2019
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As NewsBusters has previously reported, CNN's Chris Cillizza wrote an op-ed torching the idea of raising "unfounded questions about a presidential candidate's health." Fox News host Laura Ingraham addressed this op-ed during her opening monologue Tuesday night, exposing the media's hypocrisy when it comes to the idea of questioning a candidate's health. After remarking "this is rich coming from CNN," Ingraham pointed out that "CNN was a network where for more than two years, whenever the President comes up, nearly every anchor seems to be auditioning for Dr. Sanjay Gupta's job." Ingraham proceeded to play clips of CNN personalities calling President Trump's mental health into question, including James Clapper questioning "his fitness to be in this office" and Brian Stelter asking "is the President of the United States suffering from some sort of illness?" In addition to calling out CNN's hypocrisy, Ingraham also addressed a double standard on the part of The Daily Beast. Ingraham read aloud an excerpt from a Daily Beast article declaring that "In the news business, it is considered irresponsible to spread baseless, potentially damaging rumors about public figures." Ingraham rolled out a Daily Beast article from March 2018 asking "How Close is Donald Trump to a Psychiatric Breakdown?" After reading another headline from The Daily Beast, "These 27 Top Shrinks Think Trump Might Be Nuts," Ingraham sarcastically suggested "well, maybe the rules of the 'news business' have changed since then."