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Ingraham, Citizen Journalist Slam 'Mainstream Outlets' for 'Ignoring the Truth' About Antifa Violence


During The Ingraham Angle Monday, host Laura Ingraham sat down with Elijah Schaffer, a citizen journalist who recorded footage from the Antifa protests in Portland over the weekend, which the media and the Portland mayor attempted to portray as peaceful. According to Schaffer, "I ran right past Vice, I ran right past BBC, who were busy filming useless peaceful protesters while the real news was taking place ahead...the mainstream outlets are ignoring the truth." Ingraham jumped in and proclaimed that the "mainstream outlets" are "denying reality" because "it doesn't fit their narrative."  Ingraham proceeded to ask Schaffer a rhetorical question: "if the Proud Boys...they're a far-right group, if they were running most of the violence, then they probably would cover it differently, correct?" Schaffer went on to detail how the "demonstrations continued for up to four hours after right-wingers left," asking "if they wanted to fight the right wing, why didn't they disperse once they left?" 

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