‘I’m a Christian’: Joy Reid Claims She Didn't Curse Biden on Hot Mic

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 5, 2024
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Last week, far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid made headlines after getting caught on a hot mic cursing out President Biden for promising to hit back at Iranian proxy forces after three U.S. soldiers were killed. But during an appearance on ABC’s The View on Monday, Reid claimed she didn’t curse him out and defended herself by suggesting “I’m a Christian.” She also engaged in revisionist history by lashing out at anyone who said they were better off financially during the Trump years.

Despite there being two so-called “conservatives” on the panel that day, it was left-of-center host Sara Haines who was the one to press Reid on her vulgar reaction (decrying Biden “starting another fucking war”). Of course, she approached it gently with some quips; to which Reid threw up her “Christian” defense:

HAINES: Now Joy, I want to ask you because as people that wear microphones every day, we can relate to this. But last week, you had a hot mic moment that got some attention. Let’s just say you used some colorful language. Who doesn't.

REID: Not me. I'm a Christian.


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