Hunter Biden Plea Deal: CNN Whines GOP ‘Not Going to Let This Go’

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 20, 2023
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Hunter Biden got a cushy plea deal from his father’s Justice Department on Tuesday, including the possible drop of a felony gun charge no average America would be afforded. Despite securing the sweetheart deal, one of the immediate reactions from CNN News Central was to whine that congressional Republicans were “not going to let this go” as their investigations into possible corruption from the Biden family and interference in the DOJ’s investigation reported by whistleblowers heated up.

“The political dynamics of this … cannot be understated,” senior Justice correspondent Evan Perez said. He went on to warn that “The Republicans are not going to let this go” as they investigate “what they believe are still some unanswered questions about those financial dealings that Hunter Biden had, other members of the family had overseas, but also just how the Justice Department handled this investigation.”

After giving a crash-course history of the investigation, Perez circled back around to fretting about the Republican efforts to investigate the Justice Department’s handling of the investigation and generally into the Biden family.


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