Hostin: ‘You Can’t Say’ the ‘Vast Majority’ of America Is Not Racist

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 1, 2024
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ABC’s The View kicked off Black History Month by asserting, without evidence, that most Americans were racist. Co-host Sunny Hostin snapped at “conservative” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin after she rightfully said that the “vast majority” of Americans were not racist. Hostin also tried to shut down debate by asserting that no one was allowed to question her “lived experience” on the topic. But here at NewsBusters, we will absolutely question her because she has lied in the past about what she’s experienced.

Farah Griffin’s supposedly controversial comments included her admitting that America indeed had “a history of racism” but “I don't think the American people are racist.”

“And there are plenty of racist people in this country,” co-host Joy Behar pushed back. “And there are absolutely racist people in this country. It is not the vast majority of people in this country,” Farah Griffin responded.

Stating that fact absolutely triggered Hostin. “Well, the FBI director said white supremacy is the biggest threat to our country today!” she snapped at Farah Griffin as if Director Wray was a trustworthy source.


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