HERESY: Nets Deny the Science Behind CDC Loosening Isolation Rules

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 29, 2021
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For nearly two years, Dr. Fauci was the pope of the media’s new church of science and the CDC was the Vatican Council handing down the dogmas of the rites and rituals around masks, isolation, and vaccine anointments. But with the CDC loosening isolation recommendations in the face of new information about the Omicron variant’s life cycle, the media’s faith was shaken as they openly denied the science and questioned the CDC’s judgment.

The science behind the move was rather simple to understand. ABC correspondent Trevor Ault even explained the decision during his segment on Wednesday’s Good Morning America. “The CDC this week shortening the Covid isolation period for people without symptoms from ten days down to five citing growing evidence the virus is most infectious two to three days after symptoms begin,” he reported.

But that didn’t stop co-anchor Whit Johnson from assailing CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky a short time later. “Many are applauding the move but you’re also facing some criticism for not including a test-out policy,” he told her.


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