Hateful CNN: Smerconish Argues for Religious Discrimination from Gov.

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 9, 2021
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It was the fourth night of Michael Smerconish’s run as the temporary replacement of Chris Cuomo and he was already showing boss Jeff Zucker just how awful he could be. In a segment about a fresh religious liberty case before the Supreme Court for oral argument Thursday, Smerconish advocated for discrimination against religious schools when it came to a school choice program in Maine that seemingly breached the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

“Our kids’ classrooms have become political lightning rods. We’ve seen passions erupt from everything from masks to so-called critical race theory,” he scoffed as he moved to stoke the fears of CNN’s liberal audience. “The questions in Carson v. Makin could redefine fundamental American principles like separation of church and state as well as religious liberty.”

Plaintiff Amy Carson and her lawyer Michael Bindas were on with Smerconish and he didn’t spare the mom his ire. In his first question to Carson, Smerconish disregarded the facts and legal precedence in order to accuse her of trying to have her “kids educated at religiously affiliated schools and have the state pay for it.”


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