Following Psaki's Orders: ABC, CBS Won't Say Biden Caused Booster 'Confusion'


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Monday’s evening newscasts were a demonstration of which broadcast networks could follow the Biden administration’s orders the best after Press Secretary Jen Psaki scolding the White House press pool for accurately calling the rollout of COVID booster shots “confusing.” ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were good teacher’s pets and omitted the reality from their coverage, but NBC Nightly News bucked as they highlighted states that were widening the eligibility range.

We know of Psaki’s order to the press pool thanks to a soundbite from Fox News Channel’s Special Report and White House correspondent Peter Doocy:

DOOCY: And the administration is not taking responsibility for a rocky rollout of boosters; blaming reporters instead.

PSAKI: If everybody here is saying it's confusing then people here are going to think it's confusing.


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