FNC’s Kurtz Gives Viewers Crash Course on Lib Media Bias Post-Trump


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It’s become obvious to most people paying attention the last four to five years that the liberal media had become activists consumed by their hatred of President Trump; it’s a fact that’s indisputable. And ever since Joe Biden became president, the liberal media had shifted their focus towards beating down all Republicans and gaslighting their viewers into thinking they’re the enemy. Well, on Wednesday’s Special Report, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz walked viewers through the media’s schemes.

“Tonight, we take a closer look at what appears to many viewers to be a seismic and long-term shift left on the part of the mainstream media. So, is it happening? And, if so, what are the reasons and the ramifications,” anchor Bret Baier teased at the top of the segment. The segment itself was very detailed as Kurtz showcased the liberal media’s favoritism for Democrats at different levels.

After recalling the media’s historical disdain for Republican presidents and admiration for Democrats, including a call back to former MSNBC host Chris Matthews infamous “thrill running up my leg” line, Kurtz pondered on how the media had given up their ability to report fairly on events.


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