FNC Panel Scorches Don Lemon as 'Fifty-Something President of the High School Debate Team in Defending Black Lives Matter'

Ryan Foley | July 11, 2020
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Friday's edition of Hannity featured a segment discussing CNN's hard left turn. Guest host Jason Chaffetz began the conversation by noting that CNN host Don Lemon's exchange with Terry Crews earlier this week caused a former CNN staffer "to admit that the network has taken a turn for the worse in the Trump era." One of the guests for the segment, The Hill media reporter Joe Concha, described Lemon as "everything that political journalism has mostly become and that is not to be a curious journalist asking questions and trying to get to the truth." According to Concha, "journalists" like Lemon use "their platform to advance a cause, or in this case, to be a fifty-something president of the high school debate team in defending Black Lives Matter." Concha also mentioned that during a recent podcast interview, Lemon proclaimed that "my role as a journalist is to speak for my truth and from my lens and for where I come from." Responding to Lemon's claim that "I don't think those things are biases," Concha reminded him: "That's the very definition of bias."