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Flashback: Journalists Mocked Trump’s Announcement as a Joke


<p>When Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign on June 16, 2015, the savants in the news media weren&rsquo;t just skeptical &mdash; they were openly disdainful of the man who will be sworn in as America&rsquo;s 45th President at noon tomorrow.</p>

<p>On their June 16 and June 17, 2015 shows, reporters sniffed that Trump&rsquo;s campaign was a &ldquo;carnival show&rdquo; which threatened to turn the GOP primary race into &ldquo;a joke.&rdquo; CNN&rsquo;s Jeffrey Toobin called Trump a &ldquo;fool,&rdquo; NBC&rsquo;s Chuck Todd blasted him as &ldquo;a political streaker,&rdquo; and pundit after pundit insisted the real estate mogul had no chance of winning.</p>

<p>&ldquo;Can we stipulate for the purposes of this conversation that Donald Trump will never be President of the United States?&rdquo; Mike Barnicle proclaimed on MSNBC&rsquo;s <em>Morning Joe</em> less than 24 hours after Trump&rsquo;s campaign kick-off.</p>

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