Don Lemon Scolds Sanders Supporters for Being ‘Rude’ in Hillary’s ‘House’


<p>The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday evening following Hillary Clinton accepting the party&rsquo;s nomination. Many were glad that evening such as the <a href="… panel</a> that praised her as a &ldquo;political genius.&rdquo; <em>CNN Tonight</em> host Don Lemon was glad for as well, but he had a bone to pick with Bernie Sanders&rsquo; supporters who protested on the convention floor. &ldquo;<strong>But the same thing conservatives said about Ted Cruz last week&mdash; have some dignity,</strong>&rdquo; Lemon snipped at the protesters, &ldquo;<strong>If you come to someone else&#39;s house have some respect.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Members of the radical wing of the Democratic Party were out in force throughout the week showing their displeasure for Clinton. Early on in the week they even echoed the &ldquo;locker her up&rdquo; chat from previous week&rsquo;s Republican National Convention.</p>

<p>Lemon went off on Hillary&rsquo;s dissenters, &ldquo;<strong>If you didn&rsquo;t feel like this was your party, why come to the party?</strong>&rdquo; &ldquo;<strong>If you come to the party&mdash; If you come into my house don&rsquo;t be rude,</strong>&rdquo; he continued to criticize. &ldquo;But 43 Percent of the house is theirs,&rdquo; replied commentator David Chalian, but Lemon didn&rsquo;t accept that excuse saying it &ldquo;<strong>didn&rsquo;t matter</strong>&rdquo; and kept slamming them:</p>

<p><strong>The nominee is Hillary Clinton. And you&#39;re going to Hillary Clinton&#39;s party tonight so get on board with Hillary Clinton or be quiet. If I invite you to my house&mdash; If I invite you to my house sit on the couch, have some drinks, but don&#39;t come in my house telling me that the drapery is ugly.</strong></p>

<p>Writer for <em>The Atlantic</em> Peter Beinart, who has <a href="…; some rather <a href="…; things during the conventions, predicted that it will only get worse for the party. &ldquo;There is a liberal wing and there&rsquo;s radical wing in a way we have not seen in the party, really in some ways, since you can say the early 1970s,&rdquo; he argued, &ldquo;And that was the voice you were hearing from the floor. That&#39;s going to play itself out in the years to come.&rdquo;</p>

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