Destroying Institutions: Nets Skip First Meeting of Court Packing Panel

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 19, 2021
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For four years, the liberal media would scream from the rooftops about how President Trump was “destroying our democratic institutions.” But ABC, CBS, and NBC were nowhere to be seen Wednesday night following the first meeting and swearing-in of President Biden’s commission to reshape the Supreme Court in the way only radical liberals benefitted from (either with court-packing or taking away Trump’s justice appointments).

Instead of covering Biden’s real attempt to destroy an American democratic institution, ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were screeching about Republican opposition to a different commission to investigate the Capitol Riot, which was already being investigated. And NBC took a tour of a Purell factory.

As usual, what the networks wanted to hide, Fox News Channel’s Special Report wasn’t afraid of putting front and center. “President Biden's commission to study a possible expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court had its first meeting today. It's an idea then-Senator Joe Biden once fiercely ridiculed. But things have changed,” anchor Bret Baier quipped at the top of the segment.