DeSantis Branded "Authoritarian-Curious" by 'Morning Joe"

Margaret Buckley | June 6, 2022
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With Morning Joe namesake Joe Scarborough returning to the show after an early summer vacation on Monday, he got right back into the swing of things by attacking Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by suggesting he has an “authoritarian streak” because he vetoed spending taxpayer money to help build a new baseball stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays. In contrast, Scarborough proclaimed himself the real “conservative.”

After conducting the daily routine of bashing the GOP as a whole, Scarborough and guests targeted DeSantis. During this insightful conversation, Scarborough labeled himself as a “small government conservative,” criticizing him for “telling businesses what they should or shouldn't do” when it came to nixing certain COVID mandates.

It is certain that viewers were scratching their heads at this claim considering that Scarborough was all for what New York’s former, disgraced governor, Andrew Cuomo (D) did during the COVID pandemic; which was tell businesses and schools what they could and could not do.