Dem Pollster Tells Acosta to ‘Get Out of the Bubble’ of Good Economy Claims

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 18, 2023
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CNN carnival barker Jim Acosta decided to have a little powwow with longtime Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg while filling as host of Monday’s Inside Politics. While Acosta was desperately trying to hang on to the White House’s false talking point that the economy was all sunshine and roses ahead of an election year, Greenberg told him he needed to “get out of the bubble” and actually meet Americans where they were and match their sour mood about the state of the economy.

Flaunting how detached he was from the reality that many Americans were experiencing as people not as well off as he was, Acosta claimed “inflation is cooling” and used the “the Washington, D.C. area” as his barometer. “I suspect it fluctuates depending on where you are around the country, but generally coming down,” he proclaimed.

Greenberg immediately called out Acosta’s position as being inside “a bubble” and explained that his decades of polling work had taught him that “what matters is how many months people have been struggling to deal with inflation. And each month they get madder and madder about it as long as their wages are trailing prices.”


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