Cuomo Grills CDC Boss for Dragging Feet on Rules, Frames GOP as Villains


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Instead of just admitting that Republicans and many other Americans had legitimate reasons to be frustrated with the CDC guidance on masks and whatnot for vaccinated people, and how they weren’t providing enough carrots, CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo used the former as a foil as he pressed CDC Administrator Dr. Rochelle Walensky in an interview on Wednesday.

“Doing the job too well, you’re playing it too safe, that is the criticism,” Cuomo suggested near the top of the interview. “That you need to be more generous in what people can do once they get vaccinated.” He then cited a study that supposedly referenced the hesitance of many Republicans:

There's a UCLA study that is about Republicans, and if you tell them they can ditch the mask, it increases the likelihood they'll get a shot from 35 percent to 53 percent. Given the science on the vaccines and its relative prophylaxis, why not make this move?

“We have the clinical trials, we need to make sure that it's working outside the context of clinical trials in the same way.” Walensky explained. “We have to make sure that it does not lead to asymptomatic transmission that people are not -- not able to get the disease and give to it somebody else even if they don't have symptoms. That was not measured in the clinical trial.”


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