Colbert Calls Barr 'Political Call Girl,' Slams Summary as 'Steaming Pile of Snit'

Ryan Foley | May 3, 2019
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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert devoted his opening monologue Wednesday night to trashing Attorney General Bill Barr. He compared Barr's four-page summary of the Mueller report to “a dolphin with a sack of crap” and reacted to Barr’s description of Mueller’s letter critiquing him as “a bit snitty” by saying “your four-page summary was a steaming pile of snit.”  After playing a clip of Barr describing his March 24 letter as “not a summary of the report but a statement of the principal conclusions,” Colbert surmised “it was a statement of the principal conclusions, the same way that Bill Barr has not proven himself to be a political prostitute, he is a political call girl.”

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