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Colbert Calls Barr 'Political Call Girl,' Slams Summary as 'Steaming Pile of Snit'


The Late Show host Stephen Colbert devoted his opening monologue Wednesday night to trashing Attorney General Bill Barr. He compared Barr's four-page summary of the Mueller report to “a dolphin with a sack of crap” and reacted to Barr’s description of Mueller’s letter critiquing him as “a bit snitty” by saying “your four-page summary was a steaming pile of snit.”  After playing a clip of Barr describing his March 24 letter as “not a summary of the report but a statement of the principal conclusions,” Colbert surmised “it was a statement of the principal conclusions, the same way that Bill Barr has not proven himself to be a political prostitute, he is a political call girl.”

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