CNN's Tapper Whines: Unlike Nixon, Trump 'Has Fox News' and 'Websites That Will Defend Anything He Says or Does'

Ryan Foley | September 28, 2019
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During a special two-hour edition of The Lead Friday, host Jake Tapper argued that while "Nixon had a much better legal apparatus to defend him, and Bill Clinton did as well, during their impeachments than President Trump has," President Trump "has something...that Nixon did not have. He has Fox News...He has...websites that will defend anything he says or does." While it's true that Nixon did not have Fox News or "web sites that will defend anything he says or does," he also did not have two left-wing cable channels whose business models rely on trashing "anything he says or does" 24/7.  After Tapper finished reminiscing about the good old days when there was no Fox News, CNN Political Analyst Sabrina Siddiqui recycled the talking point that "there is no evidence to suggest wrongdoing on behalf of former Vice President Biden." 

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