CNN's Tapper Fails to Press Buttigieg on Pothole Blunders as Mayor

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 20, 2020
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From the mayor of South Bend, Indiana to a nomination for Transportation secretary. It was quite the consolation prize for Pete Buttigieg’s failed bid for president. But it was a position he didn’t have the experience to fill. Using kid gloves to address that lack of experience on Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN host Jake Tapper asked Buttigieg about working on a national infrastructure bill for a President Biden, but refused to ask him about his failure to fix potholes in his city.

After letting Buttigieg get some kicks in against President Trump, Tapper wanted to talk about his “historic nomination.” Doing some gymnastics to minimize DNI Richard Grenell’s achievement as the first openly gay cabinet member, Tapper asked:

You’re going to be the first openly gay person to serve in a Senate-confirmed cabinet secretary position. You’ll also be the first millennial cabinet member. Does this -- do these milestones mean something to you personally?

When it came to Buttigieg’s lack of qualifications for the job, Tapper used kid gloves. First, he played a clip from a Biden campaign add knocking his inexperience, then noted: “As mayor, you oversaw a city government with roughly thousand employees. You're now going to be leading a department that has nearly 60,000 employees nationwide. Are you confident you do have enough experience to take on this role?”


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