CNN’s Stelter Sees ‘Campaign of Confusion’ to Obscure Trump’s Misdeeds


From the Sunday, October 29 Reliable Sources on CNN, a diatribe by host Brian Stelter:

“Defending President Trump can be hard to do, so some of his allies in the media don't even bother trying. Instead, they just change the subject. This is a campaign of confusion. It is one of the most important things happening in American politics today. I mean, if you watched the opinion shows on Fox News this week, you might have thought Hillary Clinton was president, not Trump, Clinton.

“Here is how the campaign of confusion works: First, The Hill newspaper revived a relatively old story about Russian efforts to gain influence in the American uranium industry during the Obama administration. Fox became fixated on this story and the messaging was clear, the Russian investigations were recast as a scandal for Clinton and the Dems....

“Finally, Fox has found the real Russia scandal. That’s how it’s portrayed. Uranium, uranium, uranium. Now, Fox got help from Republicans on Capitol Hill who announced fresh investigations into the uranium issue. And then President Trump picked up on it. But Clinton is overall a convenient boogie man.

“Look, there may be something newsworthy here. I will leave that to the experts.

“But in right-wing media, this uranium story blotted out the sun! And it fit a pattern we’ve seen before. Trump's media allies downplay, deflect and deny stories that are trouble for the White House. Instead, they tell viewers and readers to hate Hillary Clinton.”

>> This video clipped to illustrate Paul Bedard's October 29 Mainstream Media Scream for the Washington Examiner <<

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