CNN's Rye to GOP Guest: 'White Men Who Think Like You' are 'Greatest Terrorist Threat in Our Country'

Ryan Foley | August 20, 2019
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An explosive debate broke out on Monday's edition of Cuomo Prime Time. The debate focused on "the Squad" and Israel's decision to bar them from entry because of their support for BDS. Host Chris Cuomo accused President Trump to singling out "the Squad" because of racism: "there are a lot of Democrats who believe the kinds of things that these two do. They just don't look like them." Liberal CNN Political Commentator Angela Rye went nuts when Republican guest Patrick Griffin claimed "the Squad" has "hijacked" the Democratic Party: "it's so interesting that you used the term for the only two Muslim women in Congress." The conversation really went off the rails when Rye, addressing Griffin, identified "the greatest terrorist threat in this country" as white men...white men who think like you."

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