CNN's Ryan: Gillum and Abrams Victories Prove That 'The South Shall Rise Again'

Ryan Foley | August 29, 2018
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During Tuesday's edition of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, April Ryan reacted to Bernie Sanders-backed Andrew Gillum's victory in the Democratic Primary for Governor of Florida. Ryan brought up the victory of Gillum, who has the potential to become the first African-American Governor of Florida in addition to the victory of Stacey Abrams in the Democratic Primary in the Georgia gubernatorial race, giving her the potential to become first African-American woman to become Governor of Georgia.  She cited the victories of Gillum and Abrams as evidence that "the south shall rise again for some." She asserted that For all intense and purposes, in this Trump era, this should not be. Two African-Americans in red states, the reddest of states rising to the top and could possibly wind up getting the governorship of these states."  Apparently, she forgot that Florida voted for President Obama twice and Republicans have only won Georgia by single-digit margins in the most recent Presidential elections. 

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