CNN's New Day Revels in 'Karmic Twist' of Trump’s COVID Diagnosis


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Over the weekend, NBC's Saturday Night Live showcased several skits that shamelessly praised President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis and even hoped the virus would be his end. While this is disgusting, the left-wing comedy show is known for its anti-Trump hatred. Meanwhile, CNN’s New Day is supposed to be a news program, but that did not stop it from having a shockingly similar message. Co-host Alisyn Camerota gleefully declared: “Sleepy, unsteady, senile, weak. That's some of Trump's favorite insults about the health of his opponents, but now he's the one who's sick.

Praising the downturn in the President’s health has become a common occurrence. On last Friday alone, there were numerous examples where the leftist media either subtly or otherwise praised the diagnosis and used it for political leverage.

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