CNN's King Slams 'Un-American' Trump, Compares Him to a 'Toddler Who Got Caught'

Ryan Foley | June 14, 2019
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During CNN's Inside Politics Thursday, host John King and the panel lost their minds about President Trump's interview with George Stephanopoulos; where he suggested that if a foreign power came to him or someone on his campaign with information about his Democratic opponent, he would advise them to "listen" to the information they offered and "go maybe to the FBI" if something seemed sinister. King argued that "what the President of the United States said, sitting at his desk in the Oval Office" was "un-American." King also compared President Trump to a toddler: "If you read his Twitter account, he's like a toddler who got caught. Everybody's bad so don't get mad at me because everybody's bad. It's what your children do when they get caught." 

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