CNN’s Brownstein Complains Red States ‘Imposing’ Their Values, Like Before Civil War

Brent Baker | June 19, 2023
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CNN This Morning on Monday devoted a segment to decrying how those in red states are “imposing” their values on the rest of the nation. Not considered by the panel: How those in red states see themselves as simply pushing back at the imposition of left-wing LGBTQ “pride” values, values which CNN euphemistically described as “inclusion.”

CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein lamented: “In the red states, you have Republican coalitions that are running state government with an electoral coalition that is fundamentally rooted in the parts of the state that are not changing, that are basically non-urban, older white voters. And they are using that to impose the values of that coalition on changing places before the new demography maybe changes the political balance in a place like Texas.”

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