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CNN’s Ana Navarro Gets Worked Up Over Lindsey Graham Siding With Trump


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Appearing to be on the verge of a breakdown of some sort during Monday’s Cuomo Prime Time, CNN political commentator and Never Trumper Ana Navarro got all worked up talking about Senator Lindsey Graham and how he’s sided with President Trump more and more.

Completely derailing a conversation that was supposed to be about how Attorney General William Barr hired a respected prosecutor to investigate how the Russia probe was started, Navarro grieved for her old friend. “Lindsey has been a friend of mine for so many years. I used to be able to pick up the phone and talk to Lindsey any time I wanted. He hasn't picked up the phone in a long time, so I'm going to use your show to talk to him,” she said with what seemed like emotion welling up in her voice.

Look, I was so proud to be a supporter of Lindsey Graham. I hosted fund-raisers for him. I traveled with him. I loved this man. He was a truth speaker. He was a straight talker. He was John McCain's best friend,” she said.


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