CNNer Claims Gun Ownership in America a 'Homeland Security Problem'

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 30, 2022
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During an appearance on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight on Monday, CNN national security Analyst Juliette Kayyem made the Orwellian suggestion that guns in America were a “homeland security problem.” But the craziness didn’t stop there as she claimed “responsible gun ownership” means you don’t own semi-automatic rifles and that gun manufacturers have made mass shootings “very sexy.”

Kayyem’s Orwellian declaration against guns came in her opening comments when she was speaking with Lemon about a shooting at a grocery store in Oregon. “I hate to say it, but there's a new Beyoncé song called America has a problem. And every time I hear it, I think: this is it like, this is -- this is the homeland security problem,” she said. “We're just not seeing it as one, because each separate case we can explain away in some ways.”

In either a brief moment of lucidity or playing Devil’s advocate, Lemon made the logical point that it’s “people's actions” that are “responsible” for mass shootings. “There are people who have access to guns who don't go off and just shoot people and rob stores,” he noted.

Avoiding Lemon’s point, Kayyem opined about how the narrative for pushing gun control is changing and suggested those against taking away guns are for police getting murdered and were “often” the victims of mass shootings.