CNN SHOCKED: How Could Anyone Dare Question the Validity of the NY Times?


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CNN’s New Day has hyped the story the published by The New York Times on President Trump’s tax returns. Alisyn Camerota highlighted: “It turns out Mr. Trump is deeply in debt and he paid a measly $750 in federal taxes in both 2016 and 2017.” This is on top of earlier comments where her and her fellow host were openly cheering the report. However, the network's interview with Rick Santorum broke their narrative, much to their dismay and objections.

Santorum reasoned “You can't complain that he's not paying any taxes and then criticize for him -- if he's losing money, he's not going to be paying taxes.” Camerota raised objections to this point, as she did with many of Santorum’s comments. Throughout the interview, he was hard-pressed to be able to finish a thought without interruption.

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