CNN: SCOTUS 'Breaking Down' First Amendment Siding With Religious Liberty

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 21, 2022
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When it comes to the First Amendment, the liberal media only care about the fraction that deals with the press and those they think they can abuse to limit conservatives, and anything outside their notions is an attack on it. Thus their disdain for religious liberty was on full display during Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom after the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of religious liberty and against state-sponsored discrimination of religious schools.

In the latest batch of court decisions released on Tuesday, the conservative majority ruled in Carson v. Makin that the State of Maine could not bar parents from using the state’s tuition assistance program to send their kids to religious schools.

Of course, this sent CNN into a tailspin as justice correspondent Jessica Schneider fretted, “this goes along the trend of what we've been seeing from this conservative majority to bolster religious rights and decide cases on the side of religious liberties.”


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