CNN Relentlessly Attacks Widow of Capt. Dorn for Speaking at RNC


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Proving how sleazy and scummy they were, CNN disrupted night four of the Republican National Convention to launch a disgusting attack on Ann Dorn, the widow of retired police Captain David Dorn. Her crime? Daring to speak about the radical leftist mobs torching American cities, and who killed her husband as he defended their pawn shop during the George Floyd riots.

Shortly before Mrs. Dorn spoke, consistently shoddy host Jake Tapper interjected in an attempt to defuse her upcoming remarks. Turning to senior political reporter Abby Phillip, Tapper came back from a commercial break and teed up the hit job:

We are back with our coverage of the Republican National Convention. We are awaiting President Trump's speech delivered unusually from the South Lawn of the White House. And Abby, one of the upcoming speakers is a woman named Ann Dorn, she’s the widow of a retired police captain who was killed in St. Louis, David Dorn. What else can you tell us about her and her late husband?

Phillips responded by cautioning viewers about Ann. “Her story or the story of her husband was something that really captured the imagination of conservatives during the George Floyd protests earlier this summer,” she warned.


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