CNN Refuses to Ask Al Shifa Hospital Doc About Hamas’s Base Underneath

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 13, 2023
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If an honest journalist managed to book an interview with a Western doctor intimately familiar with the operations of the al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, one would think their top question would be to confirm the existence of Hamas’s underground headquarters said to be beneath the largest hospital in Gaza. Of course, that didn’t happen during the second hour of CNN This Morning on Monday, as co-host Poppy Harlow led Dr. Barbara Zind in lamenting about the condition the hospital was in, blaming Israel.

Harlow asked Zind, a pediatrician with the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, four questions about her time in Gaza and the al Shifa Hospital and none of them were about Hamas using it (or any medical facility) as a base of operations.

“And I know the homecoming was very welcome for you. But at the same time, you're watching this as a pediatrician, and you look at those babies and they can't even be in their incubators. And what do you think?” Harlow wondered.

Zind responded by touting Gazan children’s doctors who ABANDONED newborn babies to die.


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