CNN Obsesses Over 'Schmucker' Carlson's Mispronunciation of Harris' Name, Turns Out Biden Has Done the Same

Ryan Foley | August 13, 2020
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On CNN's New Day Wednesday, co-host John Berman and his panel obsessed over Fox News host Tucker Carlson's mispronunciation of Biden VP pick Kamala Harris's name. Berman played a clip of Carlson arguing with Democrat Richard Goodstein about the importance of getting the pronunciation right. During one point in their conversation, Carlson asked "I'm disrespecting her by mispronouncing her name unintentionally? You're not allowed to criticize Kamala Harris or Kamm-a-la Harris or whatever." CNN political commentator Angela Rye went so far as to smear Carlson as a racist: "It's not whatever. It is about you having to finally face what you have done to this country, to black people, to black women." Towards the end of the discussion about Carlson, Berman remarked "I call him Schmucker Carlson but it's an ethnic term so he might not understand." The panel laughed in amusement. On his show Wednesday night, Carlson concluded that based on the CNN panel's analysis, "Any criticism of Kamala Harris is immoral, anyone who so much as mispronounces her name is a racist." At this point, Carlson played a clip of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden mispronouncing Harris' name as he appeared on stage with her earlier in the day. 

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