CNN Hints Dean Phillips Is Racist for Not Kissing Rings of Dem Groups

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 13, 2023
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While trying to downplay Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips’s chances against President Biden in the Democratic primary as “a long shot,” CNN This Morning engaged in attacks fit for a serious challenger. In the first hour of the show, they hinted that Phillips might be a racist because he didn’t go around to kiss the rings of the racial special interest groups that supposedly represented the Democratic Party base. And in the third hour, that narrative gave way to openly worrying about him harming Biden’s brand with attack ads.

CNN anchor and chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt did a sit-down interview with Phillips. But before she played any soundbite, she wanted it known that “the White House doesn't view Phillips’ challenge as a serious one that's going to ultimately result in him winning the nomination. Neither do most Democrats in Washington.”

This was followed up with a clip of Hunt sparing with Phillips because he dared to compare Biden’s low approval rating with that of former President Jimmie Carter. Hunt shot back that Carter beat his Democratic challenger, Ted Kennedy, but Phillips noted the final result of the general election.


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