CNN Has a MELTDOWN When Final Moderate Opposes Witnesses

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 31, 2020
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Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander was the final of four moderate Republicans the liberal media were holding out hope would vote to hear more witnesses in the impeachment trial. But shortly after the Senate wrapped up asking questions to House managers and President Trump’s defense, the Senator made it known he was finished hearing the evidence and was ready to vote. Upon hearing this development, CNNers, particularly those with a connection to Watergate, had a meltdown.

Before Alexander let his intent known, former Washington Post journalist Carl Bernstein opined about how the Senator had “has a chance to be a real hero and to exhibit some real courage.”

Bernstein suggested that Republican conduct throughout impeachment was so terrible that it amounted to a “travesty” that could only be undone if “four of these senators decide they will not be party to a cover-up, that they will exhibit some courage, there is a chance that the Republican Party, if they pull some other people with them, might redeem themselves.

After Bernstein declared that former National Security Advisor John Bolton was this impeachment’s John Dean, Dean himself spoke glowingly about Alexander. “Well, I've been thinking about Lamar Alexander, who I knew from the Nixon White House. The Lamar Alexander I knew would vote for witnesses. So, I'm curious to see what all these years have done to him,” he said.