CNN: FBI Oversight Hearing Lacks ‘Substance,’ Just a ‘Food Fight’

Ana Schau | July 12, 2023
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On Wednesday’s CNN This Morning, anchors Phil Mattingly and Pamela Brown complained about FBI director Christopher Wray’s impending oversight hearing with the House Judiciary Committee panel. Along with several guests, including CNN political correspondent Sara Murray, CNN congressional correspondent Lauren Fox, and CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams, they whined about the Republicans’ “bluster” in the what was to come and how they were making the hearing “all about politics” rather than “making government work better,” as though those two were mutually exclusive.

Mattingly began the segment by describing how Wray would be “grilled by some of his harshest critics on Capitol Hill” in the hearing. He specified that it was the Republicans on the panel who would “aggressively question Wray” on the abuse of power of which the bureau had been suspected, complaining about how these Republicans had “recently threatened to hold the FBI director in contempt of Congress.”