CNN Defends Milley’s Alleged Treason for China, Cuomo Bucks

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 15, 2021
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For much of Tuesday, CNN was fixated on claims from Bob Woodward’s new book that Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley had committed treason by promising China that he would warn them if the United States planned to attack. It even weaseled into their California recall election coverage where special correspondent Jamie Gangel openly defended Milley, suggesting he was just trying to protect the country and critics were acting on politics.

But in the previous hour, Prime Time host Chris Cuomo bucked the network’s notion, questioning the impropriety. He even brought on anti-Trumper Alexander Vindman (the guy who tried to get President Trump kicked out of office) to call for Milley to resign.

He's looking at Donald Trump. He's worried about January 6. And he also knows that the Chinese have been rattled by Trump's behavior, and by his failure to concede, and he is making sure every precaution is in place,” Gangel gushed for the lawless General.


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