CNN Decries U.S. Troops in Iraq Who Had Their MAGA Hats Signed By Trump

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 26, 2018
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During President Trump’s surprise visit to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq to celebrate Christmas with the U.S. troops there, he rubbed shoulders with America’s finest as he took selfies and signed autographs for them. Some of those autographs were signed on the iconic “Make America Great Again” hats that some soldiers brought to him. For any other president it would be treated a fun and warm moment, but not for this one and not if CNN had anything to say about it.

During Wednesday’s edition of The Situation Room, fill-in host and White House correspondent Jim Acosta, seemingly under the assumption Trump was handing out the hats, wanted Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr to tear into the President for turning the trip into a “campaign stop”.

Is that unusual, to see the president doing that on base? Does this run the risk of the President, you know, facing some accusations that he's turning some of this into a campaign stop? What do you think,” he asked.

Starr informed Acosta that reports said it was the troops who showed up with the hats (apparently that was a thought that hadn’t occurred to Acosta). “We will have to see if that actually proves to be the case. The question is, if they brought them or if the President brought them; what commander allowed that to really happen,” Starr continued in a huff.


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