CNN Calls It: ‘Bloomberg Was Awful,’ ‘Titanic, Meet Iceberg,’ Fist to His Face


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The first three words of CNN’s analysis after Wednesday’s Nevada Democratic presidential debate, provided by chief political analyst Gloria Borger, summed up the panel’s consensus: “Bloomberg was awful.” Whether it was comparisons to the Titanic or getting punched in the face, the criticism only got worse as the liberal panel began to mock former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for being grossly unprepared to field the obvious questions about his record.

Bloomberg was awful. I'm sorry. This was the moment that the DNC got criticized for, for letting Bloomberg in this debate,” Borger continued. “And sometimes he looked like somebody who was saying, you know, ‘I paid $400 million for this podium, and I can't get a chance to speak?’ And he got better as the night went on, I thought, but it wasn't a great first showing for him.”

Former Democratic candidate and businessman Andrew Yang was on hand to breakdown how he thought Bloomberg’s debate-prep team didn’t do the billionaire any favors when getting him ready.


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