CNN Analyst Argues AGAINST Rescuing Americans Outside Kabul Airport

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 18, 2021
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First come, first serve. You snooze, you lose. Let ‘em rot. That was essentially the message CNN counterterrorism analyst and former CIA operative, Phil Mudd was sending the American citizens and Afghan allies that couldn’t make it to the Kabul airport because they’re too scared to rick going outside or live in other parts of the country. His comments were so shocking that they even took Prime Time host Chris Cuomo by surprise during Wednesday’s show.

Mudd’s callous comments were preceded by him trying to downplay how much of a disaster President Biden’s leadership had been. He even suggested we wait two to three YEARS before we make a full assessment of what happened with the withdrawal:

Look, it's like, Chris, we're in the first laps of the Indy 500 and we're in round 12 – 12 cars behind the lead and we're saying we lost. The first laps didn't go well. That is not the same question as if in a month or two or two years or three years we look back and say we got out the people we needed to get out. Let's slow down and fix it.

Questioning where Mudd was getting his “confidence” from, Cuomo noted that the State Department was sending a very dire and uninspiring message. “In fact, you had State Department today say to those people that were supposed to get out first, the citizens, I'm not sure we can get you, I’m not sure we can get you to where we can then get you then out of there,” he paraphrased.


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