CNN: Americans Need to Realize the Economy Is 'Too Good' Right Now

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 3, 2022
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Do you dread going to fill up your vehicle? Does your heart sink when you check out at the grocery store? Well, according to CNN’s propaganda on Friday’s editions of At This Hour and Inside Politics, the problem was you just don’t understand that the economy is just “too good” right now. And as a result, President Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet.

What spurred this round of gaslighting on the state of the economy? Well, there were purportedly 390,000 news jobs added in May.

“And again, John, we heard the President say essentially the economy in this historical sense, the economy is very strong. We've heard over and over, I know you do all the time, the fundamentals of the economy are still there and they are still strong,” boasted At This Hour host Kate Bolduan.