Chris Wallace Embarrassingly BEGS for a Movie About his Trump Interviews

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 28, 2022
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During the final days of CNN+ as dies a slow death, on Monday, struggling host Chris Wallace invited Hollywood producer Brian Grazer on his show Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace and embarrassingly pressed him for a movie featuring his interviews with former President Trump. And the kicker? Grazer seemed very much open to working with him on the “project.”

To tee up his pitch for the movie, Wallace first played a clip of one of Grazer’s own films, Frost/Nixon, where actor Michael Sheen as journalist David Frost presses actor Frank Langella as President Richard Nixon on what crimes a president can get away with. “Wow. It’s still pretty – still pretty good isn’t it,” Wallace said to butter him up.

With Grazer’s agreement, Wallace jumped right to pressing for a film about himself, even reminding his guest that they’ve talked about it once before. Grazer was shocked that Wallace would bring it up this way.