Chris Cuomo: Dean Philips’ Biggest Hurdle Is Media Not Showing ‘Love’

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 25, 2024
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While the media largely kept the focus of Tuesday’s primary voting in New Hampshire on the Republicans jockeying for the nomination, over on the Democratic side, President Biden had a launch a last-minute and desperate write-in campaign to prevent being upstaged by challenger Congressman Dean Phillips (MN). Phillips managed to score nearly 20 percent of the vote despite the liberal media barely covering his campaign; and during NewsNation’s coverage that evening, co-anchor Chris Cuomo pointed out how the liberal media didn’t want to show him any “love.”

Contrary to how most of the liberal media tried to talk about Phillips sparingly, he was brought up multiple times by the NewsNation anchors. Cuomo and co-anchor Dan Abrams even called out the liberal media for largely refusing to give him the time of day, essentially suppressing his campaign:

CUOMO: You know, the problem for Phillips is I don't know how much of the media wants to love him up.

ABRAMS: Particularly not the left-wing media.

CUOMO: That's right. And create a race with Biden they way they do on the right.


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